Having been a Conference Photographer Blackpool for many years, (a few decades) I have been creating images of conferences and events for a long time. I have quite a bit of experience and therefore know how to take the best images for conferences and how they work.

During this time, the rise of social media has come about, this is great for conference photography as you can upload images of the conference as it is in process. Taking images of speakers, people attending and the conference as a whole means that people who are not at the event can also take part and engage with it, possibly from the other side of the world. Live streaming has also boomed during this time which means people can watch the entire event from afar. By hiring a professional Conference Photographer Blackpool, you can create and upload fantastic images all day, creating engagement and excitement around your conference.

Should you create a multi-day event and are trying to sell tickets to potential attendees, having near live updates coupled with online promotions and marketing is key. Professional shots of your event and how it is unfolding could be the key to selling out your event or getting investment and interest for your future events should you do any.

As a professional Conference Photographer, I can hopefully take great shots of the atmosphere, what should be included in shots and what shouldn’t, and try to convey messages in my photos to really boost interest in your event.

Most conferences who do hire Conference Photographers do so to capture images as they happen, these can then be passed onto the marketing team for them to create interest, caption the images and upload them onto social media or their own website. Having things like hashtags and good captions creates engagement and the possibility of going viral and generating a real buzz around your conference.

As a client, you can use these images in marketing, advertising and PR, after your conference or event, all of these high-quality images will be handed over to you so that you can use them on your social media platforms, websites and traditional medias. They could even be picked up by news outlets for media coverage.

Having done many conferences throughout my years as a Conference Photographer Blackpool, you can see from my portfolio that capturing great images of these events is something I love doing, please contact Paul Currie Photography if you would like to book or discuss your event with me.