As a Conference Photographer Leeds, my goal is to remain as invisible as possible during the conference itself, attendees are there to engage in the conference. My job as the photographer is to capture images of the day for the organisers of the event and social media for PR purposes. I always check the conference centre before the event starts, to find out what kind of light I am working with, if there is any additional lighting that will be in place during the conference, what the layout of the place is and how I can manoeuvre around causing the least amount of fuss. This also means that I can scope out better and more unusual angles to take photographs from. Trying to create a sense of scope and what the situation is at the conference makes a good Conference Photographer Leeds. This includes taking photos of the location that the conference is taking place in.

By trying to remain invisible, I get more relaxed photos of people as they are listening and engaging in the conference means that the images, I take are more natural and tell a story of the conference. Dependent on the conference, there can be many emotions felt across the day or days that the conference is happening, trying to convey these emotions through your pictures is how you give your images more life and warmth. There are many “stock” conference photos that you can take, those are the bread and butter of conferences but do not really make people pay attention to the images. By taking lots of photographs, you should have enough to edit through at the end of the day / days. This means you can short list the best photos for the client as they do not want to have to sift through thousands of images to find the ones that are useable and interesting ones.

The main aim of the day is to get images of the speakers at the conference. These people are what the conference is centred around so they are the “stars of the show”. These are the marketable pictures so getting great shots of these people is at the top of the list. Getting a few shots of the event name alone and with the keynote speakers is what you and the organisers and sponsors of the event want from a conference photographer Leeds.

Using all of these techniques means that you will have a successful conference and shoot on your hands. Paul Currie Photography has been invited as the conference photographer for many conferences over the last 30 years who is based near Leeds.