With the rise of Social Media, photography has exploded as a medium. According to Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report, people upload an average of 1.8 billion digital images every single day. Every two minutes, people take more photos than ever existed in total 150 years ago…every two minutes!

Unsurprisingly, to reach that number of photos on a daily basis there is a whole host of specialisms and categories within the world of photography; Nature or Landscapes, Sports and action, Portrait, PR photography, Commercial photography, Events and Conference Photography and many more specialisms. Obviously, these are very wide-ranging classifications for the many varieties of photography you can immerse yourself in.

As a professional photographer in and around Manchester for the last couple of decades, I have explored and been employed to cover all areas of photography. As part of my job as an Events and Conference photographer Manchester I am regularly employed by organisations to photograph their events for the world to see. Let’s take a look at one…The Rugby Football League hire me as a Events Photographer in Manchester to cover their events, such as when Prince Harry was meeting the England rugby league squad at the Manchester City football academy just as they were scheduled to fly to Australia for the Rugby World Cup.

Events like this one requires an events and conference photographer Manchester to almost blend into the background for a lot of the time. Nobody wants a camera two feet from their face at all times. Taking candid shots rather than setup photos leads to a more natural feel, where the subjects within the photo feel more at ease and are more relaxed which can be seen when the picture is broadcast to the wider audience of people.

Other Events and Conferences require a more portrait photography style with more “setup” shots which involves building rapport with the subjects of the photos, getting people to relax while they are in a slightly different environment to the one they may be used to on a day to day basis. Capturing shots of people engaging in the event gives a great marketing tool for future events that you may hold.