Events and Conference Photographer Manchester

Social media has boomed over the last few years as documented by internet trend reports, 1.8 Billion digital images are uploaded to the internet every day! In two minutes, people on earth capture more images than even existed 150 years ago. Every 120 seconds!
There are a great deal of different categories in the realm of photography: Portrait, Commercial photography, PR photograph, nature and landscapes, action shots, sports and Events and conference photography. There are many, many types of photography you can jump into and try to master.
Having been a photographer Manchester for nearly 30 years, employers have paid me to do many different types of jobs. One area I do work in is Events and conference photographer Manchester. I am often booked by companies to take images of their events. One such event was the Rugby Football League hired me for an Event in which Prince Harry was attending, he was to meet with the England Rugby League side at the academy of Manchester City FC. Shortly after this event the team was going to Australia to participate in the Rugby World Cup.
Having the ability to melt into the background is a key skill for an Event and Conference photographer Manchester. You have to be like a ninja, hopping from shot to shot but without disturbing anyone as you take your image and move on to the next shot! A lot of people are not used to having a camera shoved in their face, and not for long periods of time. Candid shots are what most organisations want from their day, more natural and relaxed shots of people having a good time at the event is what most people want to show the viewers of the pictures so that they may want to come to the next event and so on. Having relaxed event attendees is key to getting these kinds of shots. Luckily, most people at this event are slightly more used to being under the spotlight and flash bulbs so this one was quite easy, relatively speaking of course!
Other Event photography that you may be slightly more staged shots where people ask to have a photo as a group to remember the event by or a group shot of all attendees. This means building rapport quickly with the people whilst ensuring getting the best picture you can. Having relaxed subjects make this a lot easier but can be quite hard when you are starting out.
Events and Conferences Manchester are a fantastic way to get people to engage with your event, even if they were not there. It also provides brilliant marketing images should you hold another event.