Todays’ PR photography calls for more skills than ever before; with the rise and rise of social media, new platforms and an increasingly savvy public, photographing a brand, business or individual requires both a passion for detail and a huge amount of creativity.

I have been involved in PR Photography Chester and environs for almost thirty years. During that time I have seen the changes in photography and the way businesses are represented and I pride myself on mastering the new ways of effectively working in the PR field.

I have been producing PR photography right across the North-West and have worked in all the large cities in the region. I work with both new and repeat customers – many come back over and over again as I make it my brief to learn all I can about their needs and look after their PR requirements in exacting detail. I work with newspapers, magazines and a variety of clients, both corporate and individual. In every case I aim to provide my clients with an experience that completely dovetails with what they are hoping for when it comes to PR photography.

Thanks to the years spent honing my photography skills, I am thoroughly familiar with every kind of requirement. I bring a fresh eye to your company, business or brand, and can follow even the most exacting of briefs.

Being a PR Photographer Chester requires getting together detailed ideas so as to arrive at the best possible images. It’s crucial to first take the time to plan out what is needed and to look at the main areas that impact on the PR that is required. Once I have all the relevant information, then I can go ahead with the photography, always making sure that it is as creative as possible – PR is after all an art as much as it is a science.

However, even if you are new to PR and have only the vaguest of knowledge, I can give you many ideas how to proceed and what to aim for, as well as suggest the media that will best serve your aims. The basic idea in all of this is that your vision for your company’s PR should become familiar to me as your photographer. This means that you will get the very best from your experience.

There a lot of considerations that need to be taken on board when considering PR photography, and one of these is that the shots have to be aligned to the type of media that will be used by your company. Maybe you need photographs for a print magazine. Or perhaps for a large format. Or perhaps you have your website in mind. Or a series of Instagram posts. The list can be a longer than might be expected. And in many cases, of course, photographs will need to suit a whole variety of media. I am able to work with all of these considerations, thanks to planning before the shoot takes place. And with good preparation, it becomes easier to get the desired shots. An equally important consideration is what happens after the shoot.

Selection and editing now becomes crucial, as does formatting. It’s at this stage that the hundreds of shots are whittled down to the best ones, which are then worked on until they become exactly what is required. The aim of the photography is to bring you the desired response from your targeted audiences.

Some PR photography may require many different elements. A selection of action shots could be taken along with images of a product, which could be anything from food to jewelry to cars. PR events open up even more possibilities and might call for photographs of participants socializing or checking out individual products. As you can see, there are no fixed procedures and each shoot is entirely different from any others. The only characteristic that unites each and all of them is a creative approach. The photographs have to be able to come alive and speak for themselves.

I treat every photoshoot that I do as a brand-new project; for me there is a sense of uniqueness to each brief, and I rely on my experience and know-how to translate the project into exactly the right photography.

All this might sound as if my services are highly priced and out of range. This is simply not the case. Everything I do is with affordability in mind, and I pride myself on being able to work with clients’ budgets. It is surprising what can be done for a very reasonable outlay.

If you are considering having a PR Photographer Chester come to help you, then please contact me, Paul, and we can have an informal chat about your needs. I guarantee to provide you with the expertise that you are looking for, and the care and attention that your company, business, product or service deserves.