As a professional PR photographer, I am used to promoting businesses and brands and can bring thirty years of experience to photoshoots in Nottingham and its environs.

The city, with its diversity of businesses and industries, is always an epicenter of PR photography and I am used to working there. Very often the kind of PR photography that I am asked to do is a mix of the commercial along with a newsworthy aspect. Always creativity is required in getting the shoot right and to do this I will need to have some kind of knowledge up front of what my client would like. And of course I always need to know what his or her target audience is. A brief is therefore always crucial and sets the stage for what is about to happen.

I also need to know exactly how the photographs are going to be used. Often I have to work with writers and journalists, and together we will select the photographs that are needed. Other times, it’s completely left to me which photographs to choose. Sometimes I work directly with PR firms, but usually it’s the individual business or company that hires me.

As a photographer, I am used to working all kinds of hours in order to cover customer requirements. PR work isn’t just confined to indoor work, and quite often I find myself outside and at the mercy of poor daylight and inclement weather conditions. I have the expertise to deal with all of this and produce work that is consistently good and homogenous. The unexpected is something that I can take in my stride. Over the years I have amassed all the skills required, but since PR is so fast moving, I am always needing to refresh my knowledge and follow trends in the industry, as well as keep up with all the apps that can potentially help with technical aspects.

PR photography requires a potential range of photography styles and techniques that many would find daunting. Just a few examples: a good PR photographer will be able to take action shots, showing how products are used. At other times, photographs may be required that simply portray the product in its best light and show off its specifications. Sometimes many people shots are required, especially if the PR required is all about a group. Other times, a conference may need to be covered. PR photography requires a knowledge of all the different genres that exist. A creative approach is always called for; after all, PR photography has to be eye-catching.

After the photoshoot is over, I will need to edit the photographs. Out of hundreds, I will need to find the ones that will resonate with the target audience and then edit them so that they are perfect for the purpose. I am familiar with PR for all kinds of clients and tailor my approach accordingly. Since every assignment is different, I bring a creative approach to each and every job. No two are ever the same and I know that I will need to adapt different styles to different assignments.

The photographs may appear in newspapers, magazines and in other print media as well as on various platforms in social media. Occasionally, it’s completely known in advance where the photographs will appear, which makes planning easier. But very often it’s the case that the photos appear more widely than originally intended. I have to be ready for all eventualities and ensure that my client is satisfied with the results.

My work is very affordable and no matter whether you would like a one-off assignment or are looking for longer term collaboration, I will be able to assist you. I invite you to have an informal chat with me and together we can look at your requirements for PR photography. Nottingham and its surroundings are all within easy travel distance for me.

It may well be the case that you are completely new to PR and are not sure of the best way forward. There’s no need to worry as I can assist you in defining your aims and suggesting the best way to proceed. It’s all about getting good coverage for your firm and an expert outsider to your company, such as myself, will be able to give input and some very down-to-earth advice about how to proceed and give your company the boost that it deserves.

With social media so dominant on the web, PR photography is a vital requirement if firms are to get their names known and be able to promote their products or services. PR photography Nottingham is a way to help you stand out in the crowd. I am here to help you, as I have helped many firms, and will assist you in building your brand, services or products and putting them in front of the public.