It is an exciting time to be in PR at the moment; with the world having opened up after the pandemic, people are eager for new products and experiences, and want to know what’s out there. For those of us bringing in the new products, we can be frustrated getting our message across to our audiences. With social media offering billions of photographs on a daily basis, it can seem a daunting task to stand out. It needn’t be. Hiring a PR photographer Stoke can propel you forwards to the front of the crowd for relatively little outlay.

Now that the future looks brighter, many are thinking of cautious investments in PR. With prices being reasonable, it is a good time to go ahead. As a professional PR photographer Stoke, I can pave the way forward for you and your company.

I have been working for many years as a PR photographer across the north-west of England as well as further afield, and have experience of photographing a broad and exciting spectrum of businesses from the automotive industry to hotels to jewelry shops.

PR photography is a great way to enable potential customers to hear about your business, brand or product and then engage further with it. Naturally, PR can also help you if you run a solo business. If you are a course trainer, life coach or artist, then it may be exactly right for you to have good quality photos of yourself available.

As a professional PR photographer Stoke, I am used to covering a lot of bases and I can focus on general shots of products or hone in on very specific stories that may feature a particular person. I also cover PR events of every kind, and can produce eye-catching photos that will cause people to want to engage with your business or products.

Thanks to mega-platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it’s easy to get photos to potential audiences but the shots have to stand out. Which is where I come in. I have the experience to know what works and what’s not so good.

As a professional PR photographer in Stoke I am used to bringing a raft of skills to the work I do in the region. Some shots may require outdoor work and whether it’s bright sun or gloomy weather, I have the skills to make whatever or whoever is photographed look at their best. I naturally work with people from all walks of life and I can photograph groups, involved in dynamic tasks, or can take portrait shots of individuals.

When it comes to inanimate objects I am equally able to demonstrate my skills, ensuring the backdrop is the right choice and bringing out the qualities of the object being photographed. Whether an efficient car part or a delicious-looking dessert, the idea is to showcase the way in which the product is unique and desirable.

If we are talking about social media the aim here is to get people to actually notice the product rather than scroll past, and for it to remain in their minds. As a professional PR photographer Stoke, I have the ability to do make pictures memorable. The results will enable potential customers to see that you are professional when it comes to your brand, products and services.

Ending up with images you would be proud to show others is an over-riding consideration and having a professional PR photographer take these images will boost how professional your business appears to customers.

If you let me do the work of curating the right images of your business, you will be able to boost awareness to your desired audience and, once that is done, drive sales to them. But the foundation – the photographs – has to be in place first. Although social media gives everyone the chance to shine, it can take a long time for even a skilled amateur to do this. I can take this burden from you, speed the process up and get you further and faster towards your goals. And as I have already said, this doesn’t require a nail-biting outlay of funds. As a professional PR photographer in Stoke, I pride myself on being able to work within my customers’ budgets and bring them satisfaction.

Images can be used across the board in your marketing, in your social media feeds, in brochures and printed material and all of this versatility translates into one thing: reduction in costs per photograph. And with great quality photography and durability, you will be able to stand out when it comes to promoting your business, brand, products and services.

If you are even vaguely considering whether or not you might need a PR photographer in Stoke, please feel free to reach out to me at Paul Currie Photography and we can discuss your requirements. With a little help from me, photographing your business will be guaranteed to boost your business and may well give you the breakthrough that you are looking for.