Why Hire a PR Photographer?

Good photography is a skill, great photography takes knowledge, experience, and skill! You could get amateur shots and try to promote your brand or event with these, but it is worth hiring a professional PR Photographer Lancashire to improve the visual aesthetic of what you are trying to promote.

I have been a professional PR Photographer in the Northwest and Lancashire for the last 30 years or so, I have worked on lots and lots of different shoots over the course of my career. I will try to get the most out of the day or days that we have together to put your message out to the world in the media of photography. Working with an amateur might seem like the right thing to do in terms of keeping costs down but time spent and how effective the photographs will be at the end of the day maybe a waste of everyone’s time. Some of these professional PR images could be used to years to come on platforms like social media etc. Investing in them early could generate a buzz about your business or brand that is unrivalled.

Having a professional photographer, especially one who specialises in PR shots is worth its weight in gold. They can lend advice as to what will work and what might not, what looks good in photos and what might be confusing or not valuable to the viewer. Having this experience on hand could make or break your shoot.

By hiring a PR Photographer, you will also get someone who is invested in taking the best photos possible for you, trying to do it yourself or getting a mate round to do it on the cheap could lead to some problems down the line, they may take a few good shots but what the professionals have in terms of experience in post-production, an amateur may not. Tweaking of your shots to get them to look a certain way in post-production can really elevate the images that you have and can also tell a completely different story of your brand.

I, obviously am biased being a PR Photographer Lancashire, but hiring a professional is worth the expense if you really believe in your product or service or event. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me about your PR Photography needs!