As a photographer who has been working for over 3 decades in Lancaster and Lancashire as a whole, Paul Currie Photography has done many different types of shoots, commercial photography, conference photography and lots of PR photography Lancaster.

Recently, in Lancashire, I joined Booths Supermarket’s COO Nigel Murray to take PR photographs of his fundraising journey of 350 miles for Cure Leukaemia.

As you can see from the images, we managed to capture some fantastic shots of all the cycling team involved in this huge charity event.

Numerous different images are taken here for social media and other PR reasons: Portraits of the man himself, in front of Booth’s Central offices, these kinds of shoots can be controlled and are quite easy to achieve the exact PR Photos you want as there is, in this case, only one subject in a fairly static pose.

Then the action shots of the cycling team riding, action shots are a bit more fly by the seat of your pants affairs, you never know what is going to happen and you have to be aware of all the subjects, together as a large group, small groups and also singularly, thankfully having done so many of these PR photos in Lancaster and the surrounding areas, my experience pulls me through!

Timing and being in the right place at the right time are crucial to getting the right PR shots. As you can see from some of these later images, being stationed at the finish line at the correct moment means that you can deliver the brief of the shoot.

The images of the finish line are some of the favourites of the day, with the confetti falling all around the riders, it really adds some colour and movement to the images. Although it does lead to some unpredictable results, not being able to control things like confetti means that you can take shots where a lot of the lens is taken up by one piece if you get too close!

To finish off the day we took some more portraits, some in a staged area with a backdrop and one of the whole cycling team and the support staff that helped them. This brings a nice sense of completion to the day and gives people some sense of credit, so they don’t just feel like a cog in the machine!

With some proper planning and good direction, PR Photography in Lancaster and Lancashire can be a breeze. You can achieve some great images that you are able to use for years to come.