PR Photography doesn’t have to be boring unnatural shots taken in sterile environments, if you really want to sell your product or promote your business then fantastic PR Photography will help massively. Paul Currie Photography is usually Lancashire based but travelling around the Northwest is always a pleasure.

Last time Paul Currie Photography was in Yorkshire was to do a PR Photography Leeds shoot with Helen Skelton. Ex-Blue Peter presenter and current Countryfile presenter and all-round action star who was training with the England Rugby League Women’s Squad at Weetwood Hall in Leeds.

We started in the gym with a bit of light boxing with some help from one of the England squad. Thankfully, Helen Skelton is a natural in front of the camera and having spent so long in front of one, Helen knows exactly what to do to help achieve wonderful shots and images.

If you do not have a “professional” who is comfortable in front of the camera, good images can still be achieved with some planning and a good brief. Most professional shoots have quite a strict brief of goals that need to be achieved across the shoot. What images need to be captured, locations and what is needed to create that specific shot.

If you are wanting to get “action shots” you may need to direct the person in the photo to stop and pretend to go through the motions, pausing at points, this reduces blur and will give you a better shot overall. With something like boxing, gloves, and footwork at incredibly fast. Obviously, action shots can be achieved but they may take longer than you have to get the shot, by pausing and taking an image there you can move on and tick that shot off your brief.

We then moved outside, into the lovely Leeds sunshine, onto the pitch and got a few more portrait pictures of Helen in a few different poses with the rugby ball. It is always helpful in an outdoor shoot when the weather is with you, being in the rain and cold for hours is never fun for anyone!

Helen then dived into an actual training session with the Women of the England Rugby League squad. Never one to shy away from a challenge, we got some fantastic action shots of Helen doing different training exercises amongst the squad.

We had a lot of fun training with the Women’s squad and got some great shots for our PR Photography Leeds. Working with Helen was an absolute pleasure.