Paul Currie has been shooting Sports events for many years now, having worked in the sports news media for decades in various forms. Many an hour has been spent sitting at the sidelines of (mostly) football matches, waiting to take the perfect image of a goal or situation. Many of these images have been picked up by traditional news media and obviously on social media. Some of these images are used as stock images should people or companies need them.

Travelling is a big part of being a sports photographer Burnley, I have travelled across the country taking photos of sports events over the years, it is not always as glamourous as it sounds, there is lots of driving and bad weather to contend with. Especially in the UK! There are bonuses, you get to see the country, different places and meeting different people. If you don’t like being tied to a desk and a desk job, then maybe becoming a sports photographer is for you. You do need some experience to take images from these fast-paced events. Sports matches do not wait for you to take the picture, you have to capture the image first time, there is no instant replays for you as a photographer. If you miss the shot, you miss the shot. There is a lot of preparation that goes into taking a great shot. Knowing positioning, knowing your angles and a little bit of luck. Sometimes you just get someone standing in the way, things like football matches are very dynamic situations, occasionally someone like a substitute can run into your frame just as you take the picture, you don’t get the shot, but you have to adapt, improvise and overcome!

Sports Photography is a vast subject, and even after 3 decades as a professional photographer, you cannot cover it all. Sometimes the job is taking portraits of sports stars in a nice, dry studio setup with lights and the whole setup. Sometimes it is sitting on a wet touchline on a Monday night, freezing in the wind watching a 0-0 football game. Swings and roundabouts, like all jobs! After 3 decades, Paul Currie Photography is still going, so it the career must have something going for it!

If you are looking for an experienced Sports Photographer in Burnley, the North-west or anywhere in the world really. Do not hesitate to contact Paul Currie Photography if you have any queries about an event.