Sports photography is more than just the capture of dramatic moments; it’s equally a question of bringing out the character and personality of the teams that are participating in the match, game or on the track. It’s an exciting combination of split-second timing and carefully planned management: the thrill of the game versus professional shots of teams.

To be able to move ahead in sports photography, you have to love sports themselves and that helps you understand its audiences – after all they are going to be the people looking at your work.

Being a Sports Photographer Chester and region for almost 30 years has led me to photographing all kinds of sports, meeting those who play them and documenting the teams who have put Chester on the map sports-wise. It’s been an exciting time and remains so. Each event has its own challenges and its own rewards.

It’s a wonderful feeling if you are able to play sports and be a participant. Next best is being a spectator. But for both parties, having photographs of the event and the teams is also crucial – here are memories and lives caught forever on film.

Part of the allure of sports is the heady atmosphere that goes with them; there’s nothing quite like a crowd of thousands who are all cheering in unison. As a photographer, I need to be able to capture the sheer feeling that goes with all the action. Spectators’ faces show their emotions, as do their bodies and a few candid shots let everyone see how the event is shaping up. Whatever happens on the field has its counterpart in the audience – my job is to capture it all in pictures.

It’s also essential for me to know as much as possible about the venue, especially if it’s one that is new to me. I will need to know the possible angles for good shots. After all, I have to be in exactly the right place at the right time to get the right shot. As a professional Spots Photographer Chester, I need to take all of this into account. One variable that is often totally unpredictable is the weather. For many a photographer, this can be a daunting prospect, but thanks to the experience I have gained over the years, I am able to take it in my stride and produce photographs that have been adjusted to enhance whatever light, or lack of light, may be present.

It’s also important when talking over a brief with a client that I have as much idea as possible of what the photographs will be used for. They may simply be a record of the game or match; a portrait of an entire team or selected highlights featuring individual players. The photographs may be destined for the press, for social media or for a website or even a brochure. Part of my work is to look at how the pictures are going to be put to work once they are finished and delivered.

Editing is always crucial. Gone are the days when photography involved dark rooms and baths of chemicals. This is the modern age and an inordinate amount of work goes on in the editing stage – it’s a million miles removed from the old analog photography. Much of my work is therefore done once the match is over.

As a Sports Photographer Chester, I count myself lucky that so often I am chosen to document an event and/or a team. It’s my work to take shots of sportspeople both in the field and outside it. Sports photography includes not just the match or game itself but also group shots of a team, various kinds of PR work and individual portrait shots. PR shots can be taken equally in a stadium or in the studio and it really depends on what the brief calls for. As a Sports Photographer Chester, I offer the maximum flexibility possible.

A major consideration for my clients is of course time. Sportspeople have relatively little spare time on their hands and neither do their managers. I offer as much availability as I can and aim to fit into their timetables. Apart from action photos shot during matches, one thing that impinges all photography is that the subjects have to feel as relaxed as possible. When taking portrait or group shots of sportspeople, I engage with them, help them to relax, look natural and then begin working with the camera. Time is again of the essence when delivering photographs; I always keep to my clients’ deadlines and they can be assured that the photographs will always be ready on time.

For all of this, I charge reasonable prices and, if you are thinking about hiring a sports photographer for an event, I would be happy to listen to your requirements. Please feel free to contact me for an informal discussion.