Sheffield is famous for its various sporting events and for anyone who is passionate about photographing sports there’s an amazing variety on offer.

Not surprisingly many sportsmen and women have trained here in the city. Many people associate the city with football but this is just the beginning; there’s more going on such as snooker, ice hockey, basketball, boxing, cycling and running. There are hundreds of dedicated men and women pursuing athletic achievement across the board, and for an enterprising sports photographer Sheffield, there is always plenty happening. This has to be one of the most exciting towns in the UK when it comes to sports photography opportunities.

As a sports photographer Sheffield it’s always a great privilege to come here to photograph the events of the various seasons.

I’ve been photographing sports for over 30 years now and have covered all kinds of events, both large and small. My overall aim is to capture the action in the most dramatic or telling moments (they aren’t always the same) and for that, great experience and skill is always required.

The moments need to be expertly knitted together to provide a sense of story. In my work, I always aim to bring various scenes together and produce a sequence that will delight viewers and bring them the complete story of what has happened.

As a sports photographer Sheffield, I am often asked to cover events in the city and its environs. I am lucky to be able to document the events themselves and produce group photos of the teams that play. I can also cover solo athletes, their trainers and managers, and can provide PR work for the various sports concerns that work in the Sheffield area.

I excel at portrait work and I’m able to get each person to relax while having their shots taken. I know there may not be much time so I have to work quickly and I’m able to do this. As a photographer I’m very much a background figure but at the same time, I need to be able to make instant rapport with players.

Although there are of course many famous sports people in Sheffield, it’s always great to be able to photograph at schools where people are just setting out on their sports careers and are very happy to have a boost – having their photograph taken may make their day. And who knows? – the child you are deciding to promote may be someone growing up to become a track and field athlete like well-known Sebastian Coe, one of Sheffield’s many school children who went on to become a star. As with many sports people, his interests really began to take hold in Sheffield at a young age.

Although I know a good many of the venues in Sheffield and the surrounding area it’s essential for me to know about where the event is taking place and to have as detailed brief as possible. I need to know what is required in terms of photography and whether it’s destined for print media or for social media or the internet. Often of course it’s a combination of all three.

As a Sports photographer Sheffield I need to be aware of exactly where to stand in order to get the best shots. I also need to have lightning-fast reactions and to know enough about the sport in order to predict what is going to happen and be ready for the appropriate shot. I also need to be aware of the lighting at the venue and to be able to get the best out of it or to compensate for it. Flood lighting will call for a very different approach than say, a dreary afternoon. I need to be prepared for all eventualities.

Once the event is over for the players and spectators, it’s only about the halfway mark for me; I will need to edit an enhance the photographs and make sure they are as near perfect as possible. I use a medley of computer applications to do this and once the pictures are ready, they can be reviewed by my clients, and further edits may be required. I’m happy to do these as this is all part of the work of a sports photographer Sheffield.

Sheffield and its immediate region offer so much in the way of sporting events, and there is no event or match or meet which could not do with photographic representation of a professional kind.

If you are interested in having an event covered, please feel free to contact me, Paul Currie, and we can have an informal talk about how I would be able to help you. I am able to keep within my clients’ budgets and to present excellent work at a very competitive price.