With the Covid-19 pandemic hopefully on the decline, wedding venue’s phones have been ringing off the hook. Some venues are booked until 2023 already! I would like to share some tips for getting great wedding photos from a wedding photographer Lancashire.

I have been capturing images for couples at wedding s for over 3 decades, and here are some things I have learned in that time:

If you have the right wedding photographer, the venue is not the be all and end of getting great shots on the big day, although it does help in some instances. Having a range of locations for all the various shots that you want is a big plus. There is a big variety of locations now that have been setup as wedding venues, we have the more traditional Barns or big mansion houses but more quirky places such as old disused train stations, theaters, large aquariums, private beaches, and everything in between. In Liverpool, there are a few places you may not have considered such as an old rum warehouse or the botanical gardens. The wellbeing farm which is also in Lancashire where you can get your photos with llamas if your heart desires or the Victoria Baths in Manchester, which was an old swimming pool from the start of the 20th century.

A lot of people have marquees setup in a garden which can create some great shots too. No matter what your budget is, you can create some fantastic images for your wedding album with a little bit of planning. Do not forget to ask your wedding photographer if they have any ideas, after all, they go to weddings all the time!

Some shots you may like to consider and change to suit your needs are:

Large group shots:

Is there a big lawn area or an elevated position that the photographer can stand to get a big group shot? Having a shot of all the people who have come to the wedding is a great reminder of your big day. If not, ask the photographer if they are willing to improvise, maybe they could stand on a table or you could arrange to a way to elevate the photographer safely.

Intimate, more private shots of the couple:

These shots are supposed to be of just the happy couple but can obviously include friends and family as desired. They could be out in a natural setting or inside a nicely decorated room or enclave. Does the venue have nice gardens or is there a nice tree or feature on the property? Places like hotels or stately homes often have grand rooms like libraries or dining rooms that could be used.

Setup a photobooth style area:

A photobooth is a great way to get guests more involved with the photographic process at your wedding. Rather than having photos taken in the more usual relaxed style of most weddings, your guests come in groups or alone, however they please to sit in a photobooth and have a couple of candid shots taken of them. You could even buy some props to liven the photos even more.

Using the environment to your advantage, you can create some great, unforgettable shots of your big day. Try to think outside the box and give your wedding photographer Lancashire some ideas that you may have, having been to the venue, you may have just spotting a great place for some of your photos to be taken. You never know, they might end up being your favourites.