Engagement photos are a professional photoshoot to capture an important part of your life together, pre-marriage. A celebration of love in a less formal setting, just the two of you, in love and together.

It is becoming more fashionable within the wedding process to take engagement shots before the wedding, aside from documenting your love for each other, there are many other good reasons to indulge in an engagement shoot.

Working with your Wedding Photographer Chorley before the big day will allow you to know how the photographer works and whether you get on with them as a person. Do they shoot a lot of shots fast or pick their shots more carefully based on the situation they are in? Does the photographer know how you should be standing or posing, and will they tell you how you might move or pose in a more flattering way?

What kind of images would you like? Natural and relaxed shots? Formal and relaxed posed shots? The engagement photoshoot is a good place to discuss the vision you both agree on for your images. Knowing the photographer better will allow both parties to create an album that you are both proud of for both the engagement shoot and on your wedding day itself. The photographer will learn what angles are most flattering and what they should be looking out for on the fast-moving big day.

For the couple in question, getting comfortable having your photo taken is a great hurdle to get over. Having a large camera pointed at you for extended periods of time is not normal for most people in our day to day lives, so embracing and learning to accept images being taken of you should make you feel more at ease and relaxed with the photographer there.

Having done lots of photoshoots over the last 3 decades, building rapport with clients and subjects is key to what I do as a Wedding Photographer in Chorley. Having a relaxed and happy client is what I want from a day as you can really tell in the pictures produced if the subject of the photo is having a good time and pictures cannot lie!