Professional Photographer North-West
Photographer in Chorley and Bolton to visit The Nigel Clare team

Nigel Clare kindly hired me to create some images in Chorley, Lancashire of their shop which sells clothing and accessories. As a Professional photographer in Lancashire, I was excited to do the job. Nigel Clare stocks high-end labels and they are up to date with the latest trends, the shop is well known in the Chorley area by footballers from Leicester City FC and Blackburn Rovers to name a couple. This should give you an indication of the clothes Nigel Clare has; it is a shop for the fashion conscious.
Many of the jobs I get hired for are working with people for PR shoots etc, at Nigel Clare we were (mostly) taking shots of clothing and the shop as a whole. This is a different skill set than taking pictures of people. Shots of interiors and clothing or any inanimate object is far more static than the fluidity you get when having a person pose or in a natural environment where they are moving, turning, blinking etc. Thinking of different concepts to keep the photographs interesting is a must. Taking the same photograph over and over will probably not capture what the client is after. It is a fine balance between showing off the product and creating an interesting shot. I would suggest using a tripod a lot of the time as you are after the clearest, crispest image you can get. This reduces things like camera shake. You will want to use lighting to the best of your ability, usually brighter is better for pictures of object, the viewer needs to be able to identify what they are looking at! Remember, not too bright though as you do not want to “wash out” the product or the environment. Especially with items such as clothing, fashionistas want to know what the actual colour of the clothes they are looking at!

If you are in Lancashire or anywhere for that matter and are thinking of hiring a professional photographer to capture some images of your shop or products then a lighting setup might have to be used to increase the light within your shop or onto your product, this will help make your items pop and stand out from the crowd. With the rise in social media, the likes of Facebook and Instagram are great sources of advertising, but you need to draw people in with good, high quality images and you have to grab people quickly. Giving new images to possible clients and followers to keep up to date with your brand is easy this way. Especially great for shops such as Nigel Clare because the clothing they are stocking is always changing and evolving with the different seasons and styles.
With the global appeal of social media, having high-quality images of your products is a great boost for businesses as people can potentially look at what you have for sale from the other side of the world. Hiring a professional photographer Lancashire is a fantastic way to get images out there!