During the strange times we are currently living in, the world has moved more and more online. Face to face meetings have moved to Zoom and pub quizzes to virtual nights in…and as the days have gone on, more and more everyday events have been converted to indoor activities.

So, online shopping is hardly a new thing, but recent times have seen a hike in online purchases. Internet Retailing research showed that week after week in April, online shopping surged by 129% across the UK and Europe. It also showed that customer attitudes are rapidly shifting and their expectations are also on the rise.

As a Commercial Photographer in Manchester, I am regularly asked to produce images to help companies promote their products, brands and services. Take Bowker BMW for example, who I regularly work with to produce car and commercial photography in Manchester.

Now, we all expect high-end top-quality photographs of luxury cars and glossy brochures to support the sales team. But when it comes to slightly lower tag items – a new set of tools let’s say, school shoes for your kid or a set of outdoor furniture…people are now turning to online shopping. What’s more, with so much competition out there, people are taking a closer look at the nitty gritty details, flicking between two or three choices before making their decision. Customers are much more discerning nowadays and they want to see pictures to make sure that they are buying what it says on the tin…they want pictures from every angle…the ‘devil is in the detail’ as they say.

Commercial photography is about helping businesses showcase their products and services, and right now it’s about making sure that the customers move your product from their wish list to their shopping bag, and professional images that leave shoppers in no doubt of what they can expect through the letterbox once they’ve clicked order, is a great stepping stone to this.