Commercial photography

Commercial Photography covers a whole range of areas, but is essentially the production of high quality, professional images for use by businesses to promote their brands, products and services. This encompasses an extremely broad range of photography niches from cars to fashion and architecture to sports, and all that’s in between. Any kind of product or service someone is looking to promote or sell can be supported by the use of professional commercial photography.

The pictures can be used across various forms of media. Starting with a company’s website, brochures and promotional materials and then moving on to external opportunities for publicity, such as in print media such as local and national newspapers, to supporting marketing and advertising initiatives, social media promotions and the wealth of online options available.

As a commercial photographer in Preston, Lancashire, I have been involved in many different commercial shoots over the course of nearly three decades, mainly in Preston and the North West and covering a range of photography types including a lot of commercial photography.

On the product side, I have supported a lot of automotive brands like Porsche and BMW with images of their new cars, sale centres as well as working with large commercial plant vehicle companies. I have also taken a range of commercial photographs in Preston to show businesses at their best, and help new business owners to get the right images for their website and marketing materials.

On the sporting side, I regularly travel to football grounds around the country as a press photographer. Other works include being commissioned by the EFL to take pictures for the Carabao Cup Final programme, this involved taking portraits of the manager and players of Manchester City in various poses to get the right images for the match day programme.

As you can see, commercial photography covers a vast amount of different subject areas and needs, and above is just a little snippet of some of the commercial photography in Preston and the North West that I get involved with.