Photographer in Chorley and Bolton to visit The Nigel Clare team

As a Professional photographer in Lancashire, Nigel Clare invited me to take pictures of their clothes shop in Chorley, Lancashire. Nigel Clare has all the world-class labels you would expect and is constantly updating its offering to keep ahead of the industry, frequented by Blackburn Rovers FC, Leicester City FC, and Crystal Palace FC players they carry the brands and labels wanted by fashion conscious people.

A lot of the work I do is with live subjects, taking photographs of people is slightly different than taking images of inanimate objects such as clothing in this case. As people are constantly moving, having the camera in your hands and either having the subject move and pose gives a bit more of a fluid image. Shots of clothing and inside of shops is slightly different as it is a static environment.

Using a tripod for the majority of the time is worthwhile as you want as clear and image as possible.

Lighting is also key in these environments, too bright and clothes or the entire shop may look washed out, changing the colouring of the clothes you are offering to the public. Not what Fashionistas are looking for!

If you are planning on hiring a Professional photographer within Lancashire to take images of your shop, a lighting setup may need to be brought in to help with the ambient light to make those images really stand out from the crowd. If you are using these images as promotions on Social media such as Facebook or Instagram, they need to attract the customers eye, and fast! Especially with a Customer like Nigel Clare as the clothing in the shop is always changing and getting new fashions out to followers and prospective clients is a must.

Having clear, concise, and clean images of your business is a big plus is todays online world where people can view your products from, potentially, across the globe. Hiring a professional photographer is a good way to promote your business!