How to use Public Relations Photography to launch your new business.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ they say, and making sure your thousand words are going to entice customers to support you in your new business has never been more important.

When launching a new business, creating the right image from the start and staying consistent in your message is crucial. People can be very quick to judge when it comes to new products, services, restaurants or gyms…so portraying a professional brand that clicks with your target market can make all the difference.

Your photography needs to look slick and professional as this will reflect the service you offer or how well your product works. Your message will need to be simple and clear. As a Public Relations photographer in the North West I work with lots of new businesses large and small to help them build their brand image and launch their business.

Take Riju Holistic Health in Bretherton for example, when launching his new health club, Rick wanted to showcase its rural nature, the range of holistic treatments and the training offered. So I composed crystal clear images that could be used to support his website, marketing materials and all future branding and marketing, whilst keeping in mind – what do the potential buyers / users of the club want to know. So we used the images to show the space in the centre, the extensive range of equipment, the outdoor rural setting and to highlight that it is a relaxed place for people to feel comfortable to come to, we even included a great shot of Rick with his dog!

Getting your public relations photography right first time is so important. Nowadays, we are bombarded with images, and if yours doesn’t excel, then it might just pass your potential customers by. PR photographers can give you crystal clear images that are brilliantly composed and tailored for specific marketing needs…they are also experts at coming up with creative ideas that might just help your business stand out from the crowd.