Events and Conference Photography in the age of Social Media

As a professional events and conference photographer in Preston, Lancashire with a couple of decades experience, I have taken many images over the years across a range of events, conferences and exhibitions and understand the ins and outs of event photography.

I have also watched the interesting development of social media and its impact on this area, with live feeds and constant photos uploads become the norm throughout an event. In fact, there’s often someone dedicated to doing exactly this throughout an event. Having expert images uploaded quickly can showcase the event in its best light, generate and talking points for those online, and show the event in a vibrant dynamic manner that can help bring in more attendees.

For instance, if you are running a three day event and you are still looking to attract more attendees once the doors have opened, ongoing updates and promotions online with professional images showcasing what’s on and why people should visit is a great way to engage people which will hopefully turn into footfall.

A professional photographer knows how to capture the atmosphere of an event, how to crop an image to deliver a great action shot and to make sure the audience’s engagement in a guest speakers presentation is evident.

These need to be taken ‘on the fly’ and produced for the client rapidly as the event unfolds, images for the marketing team to talk about and use to generate interest, one’s that allow them to use hashtags and quirky comments, or perhaps teaser images of something about to be unveiled…having great images to work with is a great marketing and PR tool and working closely with your professional photographer and letting them know what you have going on and how you are trying to promote and market the event will allow them to help generate creative ideas too.

Clients want high quality photos from their event to support their future marketing and advertising needs too. After the event is over, the client will be provided with a range of professionally produced photographs for use in a range of marketing materials, websites and brochures for their next event, or perhaps they will be used for media coverage (make sure to tell your photographer of any media deadlines you have!).

Finally, if you have had some experts and key speakers at your conference or event, why not ensure that you have some great ‘action’ photographs of them that you can send through to them as a thank you for supporting your event.