As Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK, pretty much every sport is played here.

I have been a Sports Photographer Birmingham for 3 decades now and have taken pictures of all kinds of sports and sporting events in my time. The main sport that I take photos of is football, I can be found sitting on the touchlines of football matches all over the world, working and sometimes just for personal enjoyment. Here I try to take the best images of the matches I watch, sometimes for newspaper media, sometimes for stock images on websites. There are many different routes in the modern photography world to make money on your shots. This is a massive help, as in the past you could sit in the rain for a few hours to take shots that you could not sell to anyone. This is a major improvement in the photography world.

I enjoy travelling around the country to different places, meeting different people and finding things out about a place I have never been to before or places that I know quite well.

It suits me fine to live like this as a person as I could not be tied to a desk job for very long, I love being a Sports Photographer Birmingham, you have to, or the lifestyle may not be for you. We work slightly odd hours on different days, weekends, evenings, and nights, early in the morning. You must be prepared for the job you are going on, be it having the right equipment, charged batteries, the right clothing for the environment you are working in, where to be at a certain time, finding the odd locations that you maybe working in for the day. There is a lot to being a photographer in the modern age, a lot more street style of shooting has taken over which means less studio work. Especially for sports photography, most of the time you will be out in the elements, searching for the best shot you can, and you better not miss it because they wont replay the goal or situation just for you!

If you are looking for a Sports Photographer Birmingham or in the surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Currie Photography about your event via the numerous normal channels and social media.