More and more we see conferences of all kinds coming to the fore now that the pandemic is over. People are enjoying mingling once again and after so much of life having been online, they are loving being physically present with others and coming together in a real rather than a virtual place.

Events too, of every kind, are seeing an uptick and with venues getting booked out quickly and businesses are looking to stage get togethers of many varying kinds. There’s no doubt that conferences are proving very popular and those running them will want to maximize opportunities that bridge the social with the commercial.

With some great venues in the Stoke area and environs, holding an event or conference certainly makes sense. You will certainly reap the rewards of staging one. But you can go further still. If you actively promote it, you will be able to keep it in the minds of the participants and at the same time reach out to the general public and boost your presence and brand.

If you hire a professional conference photographer Stoke, you will be able to have some amazing photographs of your conference. These pictures can be used in a variety of ways both in print and online media. They will look excellent on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and will stand out in everyone’s feed, garnering you attention. You will equally be able to use them in leaflets and brochures, and of course, on your website.

Too often conferences are enthusiastically photographed by participants or by a photographer chosen from the participants. The results may not be so bad, but they tend not to stand out and at worst may end up looking amateurish or barely passable. There is nothing wrong with this as a record of your event, but it won’t do much for the business itself and can’t be used for promoting it.

For a very modest outlay, you can hire a professional photographer Stoke to take all the worries away from you and leave you with a series of photographs that will enable your business to stand out in the crowd.

With over thirty years’ experience of being a photographer covering conferences and events of every kind, I am able to provide shots that will help your business look extremely professional.

How does all this work? It’s not just a question of turning up on the day; I will need to have a firm idea of the schedule for the conference; know who is speaking and when; and above all, discus with you the aims of the event.

Unless you are a photographer yourself, you may only have a vague idea of how you would best like the photographs to look. You do not need to worry about this as I have an innate knowledge of what will work as a photograph. At the most basic level, I simply need to know who is who at the event and then can work out the rest. Whatever guidance you will be able to give me in addition, will also be welcome. The overall ‘look’ that you would like to have will also be an important area in our discussions. What you want from the images of your conference is of crucial importance. Once I have my brief, I will come to the event and will position myself to be as unobtrusive as possible. I will have worked out in advance all the points and angles I will need to work from, and will ensure that I am exactly where I should be in order to get the best shots of those who are on stage. I will also know exactly when to be in position. I will take not just the formal shots but plenty of the more informal ones when guests are socializing with each other, as some of these shots are excellent for showing off the friendliness of your business or brand.

Part of my overall idea for helping you promote your business is to bring engagement to the conference even after it’s long since over. The more people who are interested and who remember it, the better. This will help you to create the next conference – it will also be popular even before it’s started and will create curiosity and a wish to engage in what will happen.

By putting images out there on social media, you will be able to promote the idea of the conference and hence the business behind it. Having a professional conference photographer Stoke at your event will ensure the best quality photographs possible – the ones that will bring you attention and stay in the minds of the target audience. You will reach not just more people but stay in their minds longer. All of this will be good for your business, products and services, and of course, your brand.

Holding a conference or an event? If you are thinking to have a professional Conference Photographer Stoke to come and photograph the event, please feel free to get in touch with me, Paul, at Paul Currie Photography, and we can have an informal discussion to see exactly how I can help you and your company achieve your aims.