Tips for getting the best from your PR Photographer…it’s all in the detail!

When it comes to your Public Relations events and activities, I imagine there are no stones left unturned when it comes to the details, everything scheduled, the to do list completed, the contingency plans in place, the attendees arranged and the PR photographer booked.

Bring on the event and let the excellent publicity opportunities begin. But, first things first, have you invested time in your photography brief and had a chat with the photographer about what you are trying to convey.

As a PR photographer in Preston, a detailed brief is the blueprint for getting the best images from your event. So taking the time to think about a few key areas can make all the difference and give the photographer all the information they need to get creative in a way that ticks all the boxes for you.

It’s important to provide detail on what you are trying to promote and who you are trying to promote it to. Is it a service, a product, an event for instance, and if so who is your target audience. Photographers are professionals at understanding how certain demographics respond to certain images, and they can work with you to suggest certain styles and deliver a specific feel or ambiance.

Some PR events may include a range of different photography needs. There could be action shots, food photography, sports photography, attendees mingling, people using a particular product or service. Whatever the range of photographs you are looking to achieve, make sure you detail this. A check list of the images you are looking to capture perhaps. PR events are one off’s and there is no dry run, so getting it right first time is crucial and therefore a great detailed brief is the best way to get this and give your photographer time to review it so they can plan ahead. Perhaps you have slotted in an outdoor photo at a certain time, but they know that the best light will be an hour earlier, a brief in advance means you can chop and change without losing out on a great image.

Overall, where you can, communicate your vision and plans for the photo shoot with the photographer in advance to get the best from your day.
If you are thinking of having a PR event in North West Lancashire, or anywhere for that matter, think carefully about whether you can miss out on having a PR photographer at your service.