As a Freelance Photographer Chorley, I usually have to travel a reasonable distance to get to some of my jobs which I do not mind doing but this job was pretty close to home so naturally, I jumped at the chance! I recently went to take some images of the Chorley vs Derby FA Cup game which was played at The Magpies ground. It was a great game as Non-league Chorley fought hard to beat the Championship side Derby 2-0. The gap of 4 divisions seemed minimal as Chorley were the better team on the day. It is quite the win for a team in the 6th tier of English football as they progress to the fourth round of the FA Cup.

I very much enjoyed being there to watch the game, there is a different feeling being at a smaller stadium rather than the massive stadiums of Manchester United or City. While at Chorley, I spotted some younger people on a climbing frame outside the ground, locals who were trying to watch the game from over the fence, images I definitely would not have been able to capture at a larger club’s ground. After that I also spotted someone in a bobble hat poking their head above the fence of their back garden. It brought back a certain feeling of nostalgia for the earlier days of football that might be lost a little in the modern era.

Travelling as a Freelance Photographer is part of the job, you go where the work takes you. I have travelled across the country for various different jobs over the years. Which is great for the most part, getting to see different places and meeting all the different people. You do have to be a bit more organised if you are travelling though! Charging batteries, having empty memory cards for all your cameras and spares. Although some of these things are more readily available everywhere these days, you do not want to keep buying replacements over and over as they will eat into your earnings for the jobs. I find it is a good habit to get into the night before the job is to go through a checklist of all the equipment you may need for a job, keep to your list and double check all your gear! This includes your car if you have one, you do not want to miss jobs and get a bad reputation as a Freelance Photographer Chorley just because your car keeps breaking down or other problems you may have with it.

Travel broadens the mind so they say, it certainly helps as a photographer to capture images that you might not always see on a daily basis, different areas have different things going on. The images you can capture “on the road” are great for a varied portfolio and increase your eye and skills as you go.