Thanks to nigh on 30 years’ experience as a photographer, I have been able to attend many a conference and capture proceedings that may take hours or days. As a Conference Photographer Chester, I am able to cover all local meetings and gatherings, with conferences forming a large part of my work in this domain.

It takes a special eye to capture not just the speakers and the attendees at a conference, but to bring out the overall atmosphere of the event. The feeling generated by a group of people who all share a particular subject is a very special one. And equally special are all the tiny, yet meaningful moments that make up a conference. So whether it’s a keynote speaker delivering a solution to a rapt audience or an animated conversation at a water cooler, it’s important that I capture what’s going on and preserve it.

Having a detailed as possible a brief is all part of my work. I can still work with the vaguest of demands but the more I know in advance the better. Points to consider when hiring a Conference Photographer Chester are the destination of the photographs. Who is going to see them and in what contexts? Very often the scope is a large one, but it’s important to define it. Photographs, for example, may be used for inclusion in a company brochure or other printed material, such as an in-house magazine or journal. They may also be used for websites or newsletters. And, of course, increasingly these days, they may be used for Facebook and Instagram, and a gamut of social media apps.

With everyone willingly contributing to social media, I am often asked if it’s really important to hire a professional photographer. It may not be if the event really isn’t important or doesn’t need promotion. And if your company just happens to have a professional photographer, then of course it isn’t necessary to hire one from outside.

Those considerations aside, if your event deserves recognition and you only have enthusiastic participants who will give you random snapshots, it will definitely be a good idea to hire a Conference Photographer Chester – someone who knows the area and the import that your event can have on it. Second rate photographs will simply make your event also look second rate. Probably you don’t want that. After all, you have gone to an inordinate amount of time and trouble, and have invested a lot of money. You will want your conference to live on in the minds of those who attended it. and pique the curiosity of those who will want to sign up for the next one.

Such photographs act as ambassadors for your company and allow you to set the scene for future events and give you credibility. They are an investment, and bring you tangible returns. They boost the image of the company, enable you to look thoroughly professional and bring you more exposure.

It might appear that this kind of photography is very expensive. But this is not the case at all. I provide photography that is very reasonably priced and you may be surprised just how far a modest outlay will take you. As a Conference Photographer Chester, I am used to working with briefs of all kinds and can work within clients’ budgets.

Thanks to my experience, I may well be already familiar with the venue that you have chosen, if it is in Chester and its environs. If I am not, I make it a priority to work out what the best angles will be. I realize too that the main conference room isn’t the only place where newsworthy photographs can be taken. I also familiarize myself with who the speakers are and the kind of audience that will be present during your event. As a Conference Photographer Chester, I pride myself on being a discreet figure, but one who is able to come forward when necessary and get that relaxed group moment without changing the mood. I am adept too at taking more formal shots during the event, whether that be of the speakers themselves, or any portrait shots that may be required.

My work as Conference Photographer Chester is far from over when the last participant has left. I get down to a different kind of work then – working through the hundreds of photographs that I will have taken. Those that make the grade are then edited so as to make them suitable for whatever media they have been destined for.

If you are interested in having a Conference Photographer Chester come to assist you, then please contact me for an informal chat. We can discuss your needs and work out just how I will be able to help you.