As a conference photographer Sheffield, I am used to covering all kinds of events in the city and its environs. Over the years, I have built up a considerable work portfolio of all that I have covered and have a reputation for excellent work.

Since your conference is going to be visible on your website and on social media, the photographs of the event have to be of the best quality. These photographs bear witness to your conference and will act as historical documents. These are the envoys of your business and should show it in the best possible way.

And, just as important, they should engage with the audience and turn viewers into the guests for your next conference. If your event is successful and well-documented, it’s sure to generate interest for other events, or at the very least, to cause potential clients to check in with you to see what you are doing that is new and notable.

I am also able to undertake any PR photography and can help you and your business regardless of whether you are holding a conference or not. For any work that I do for you, I will ensure that everything is done creatively and uniquely. For me, no two jobs are ever the same and each assignment calls for a freshness of approach.

Any conference is always about people, just as much as it is about showcasing a business or company. I therefore need to capture the ambience of the event and the individuals and various groups who have come to it, perhaps to speak, but always to participate in what’s going on. I work with an entire gamut of clients, and have the experience and skills to photograph the many different kinds of conference attendees.

I need to make sure that the attendees and speakers are relaxed when I am around. To that end, I am not a paparazzi type of photographer that guests will automatically be aware of. I need to be a friendly background figure who is discreetly taking shots without anyone really noticing. That also means that I will only use a flash when it’s necessary.

I am often asked to take portrait-style photographs of CEOs, keynote speakers and VIP attendees, and this I am able to do, ensuring that each person is relaxed in front of the camera. I work quickly and efficiently – most subjects, especially at conferences, want their portrait shoot to be quick and painless. By helping them to relax, I know that the results will always be better.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the indoor lighting at conferences often requires a lot of compensation when taking photographs. Lighting may look the same to the inexperienced eye, but there may be variations between shadowy to harsh and bright, and all at the same venue. When I present a portfolio of photographs for the event, the lighting has to be balanced throughout the series. These are technical aspects that I have naturally mastered as a professional conference photographer Sheffield, and all of us who work at this level have master the techniques and know-how that set us apart from even a skilled amateur photographer.

Perhaps by now you may be wondering how much it would cost to hire a professional conference photographer Sheffield. I cannot speak for my peers, but for my services you will be surprised at what I can do for your event with a very reasonable outlay. Even with 30 years’ experience of being a professional photographer, I ensure that my rates are extremely competitive and pride myself on being able to work within your budget.

Naturally, it is a good idea when you hire a conference photographer Sheffield to ensure that he or she knows as much about your company and business as needed; a brief is something that I particularly value, as it is crucial to the overall process. I spend time with my clients and get to know what is important for them and what they would like me to cover at their conference. Photographing an event is never just about turning up at the start of the event and leaving once the last speaker has left. It’s always a lot more than that so the time before and then after the event is crucial. Beforehand, I need to gather information; afterwards, I need to edit photographs.

Thankfully, darkrooms now belong to the past. However, photography has become even more technical and the editing stage is very important. I work with both print and online media, and before I hand the photographs over to you, I need to make sure that they are the best possible. Once I am satisfied, you will be welcome to review and suggest retouches, other edits, etc.

If you are interested in how I can help you with your event and keep it fresh in people’s minds for the future, I invite you to get in touch with me, Paul Currie, and we can have an informal chat. There will be a lot that I can do, and none of it needs to be over costly. Although staging an event, even a small one, is expensive, having a conference photographer Sheffield document it, need not be. My work will ensure that not just the event itself will be promoted but that your business, brand and products/services will also be given a considerable boost.