Based in the north of England I am used to traveling for all kinds of photography work to do with PR. I also travel to neighboring regions such as North Wales and I am familiar with working in Wrexham.

In Wrexham there are plenty of companies and brands that require PR work due to the diversity of businesses and industries both in the town and the region it serves. With Wrexham’s popular hospitality scene featuring quality restaurants, bars and hotels there is always plenty of work for a photographer.

People often think that hiring a PR photographer Wrexham will turn out to be a very expensive outlay. This is absolutely not the case – at least not where I am concerned. Although I am a professional with 30 years’ experience in the photography industry, you will find that my pricing is very fair. I am able to work within clients’ budgets and even with a small outlay, I can achieve plenty when it comes to PR photography.

The question many people want to ask is the most basic – how do I go about hiring a PR photographer and what can I expect? The first thing is to have an informal conversation and outline your needs. Once I have this brief I will have a good idea of what to do. I will also need to know where the pictures are destined to be published. Are they for a brochure or a website or for social media such as Instagram and Facebook?

Very probably the photographs will be for mixed media. But knowing the answers to the question will often dictate exactly what techniques are used for the photography.

Wrexham is a very friendly and welcoming place and it has plenty of historical places. Should you wish, local places and sites of interest can be incorporated into the photography, if having local touches is appropriate for your business’ needs.

A lot of the photography work is undertaken after the shooting has ended. I am used to editing and enhancing photographs so that the finish is impeccable. Having truly professional photographs will help lead to a successful promotion of your brand, business or product.

I am also incidentally used to doing PR work for individuals, should you be a teacher or trainer or an entrepreneur.
If you are producing a catalog, I am used to photographing different products which can then be featured. I make sure that the products look their best and that the photography style is exactly suited to them.

Once the photography has finished I make sure it’s acceptable for your purposes; if need be we can re-edit before the product is final. As a professional I want you to be satisfied and to have photographs that will do you or your business justice.

Over the years of working as a photographer I have seen many changes, especially the way in which PR is handled. With today’s ubiquitous social media, PR is more than ever the domain of experts and professionals. It’s very important to keep up with all the developments that are going on and to be on trend. Because a lot of my work is to do with PR, I am able to give you solid advice when it comes to exactly what kind of PR photography will suit your business best.

I always like to work in close cooperation with my clients and it’s important that I become thoroughly familiar with their business. This leads to a better choice of shots. I always research my clients’ needs and spend time finding out about their business brands and also their products, if they have them. These are all going to feature in photography work after all, so the more I know the better.

Even though I have a lot of experience I treat every project as one that is unique and do not use any kind of one-size-fits-all approach. Creativity and flair are hallmarks of every shoot that I accept. After all, there is little worse than worthy yet dull, forgettable photographs. The work that I produce should effectively convey your message, while the pictures themselves should be eye-catching.

Whether it’s a one-off project that you have in mind, or ongoing collaboration where we will work together over an extended period of time, as a professional PR photographer Wrexham, I know that I can make a sizeable difference when it comes to promoting your business or your products. Incidentally, I can also act as a conference photographer – Wrexham being a particularly good place to for holding conferences of many different kinds.

Please contact me, Paul Currie, if you are interested in having a PR photographer in Wrexham or in the region. I will be happy to help you with your project and will produce the photographs that you need in order to enhance your business.