If you are holding an event or having some sort of special activity within your company, then you will have all the details planned out and hopefully you will have everything you need to make the day one to remember. Wouldn’t it be a nice touch to hire a PR Photographer Burnley to mark the occasion? These are great for the public relations of your company to convey to your customers. First things first, we can have a conversation about a photography brief, and you can relay what you are trying to achieve with the images that we will take across the course of the day.

A good and well thought out brief is a good way to start the day, knowing what is happening when and where is very helpful to me as a PR Photographer as it gives me the space to get on with just shooting images. By having this information before hand, means that you also have time to think about what images you want.

Are you trying to promote a product? What setting are you trying to show the product in? Who is it for? Things like location, lighting, the person who might be promoting the product are all factors to consider. If it is a service you are promoting, some of the same questions apply. Are you conveying what the service is through the photos we are capturing?

If it is an event that you are showing off to the world, what is the message you are trying to get across to the viewer? How do you want it to look? With the advent of social media, it means that you can get your PR Photos out to the world instantly. However, you may want time to review the shots and create your own story with the pictures taken. PR Photographers Burnley can help you navigate this, after all, we do it day in and day out. Don’t forget that we can also have an influence on how the picture is presented.

PR events can need many different styles of photography across the course of the day, if you want different styles to show of your event, then it is best to try to detail this in the brief beforehand. As these events are happening in real time, there is no going back to re-shoot the shots, it is always best to have a plan in place before time!