The Story of a PR Photographer: A Community Behind the Lens

Life as a PR photographer in Preston, Lancashire, gives me the opportunity to see first-hand the range of events and activities that take place in the bustling North West.

During this time, we realise what great people we share our cities, towns and villages with and notice the tremendous spirit we have within our community. So, I thought I’d share a few stories and shots that I did the PR Photography for that showcase a little bit of the North West at its best. From local apple growers to Judy Murray empowering young girls, and Football League Charity events to Prince Harry meeting the England Rugby League, there is a lot to be proud of and excited about right here on our doorstep.

Last year I attended a Lawn Tennis Association event where Judy Murray was working on activities to empower young woman from disadvantaged communities and I was welcomed by the English Football League into EFL House during the festive period to photograph the Christmas meal they laid on for the local homeless people who attend the Foxton Centre Charity.

Next up, I had the chance to meet local tomato grower Andy Rowe amongst the rows and rows of vines that supply Asda with a fresh supply of locally grown tasty tomatoes all year round. Andy has been a local tomato grower for over twenty years.

And finally, a little visit for the English Rugby League from Prince Harry himself just before they headed down under for the Rugby World Cup Final…the less said about the outcome the better unfortunately, but we’re sure that Prince Harry was cheering them all the way.

So there we go, just a whistle stop tour of some of the people, events and activities that I have been witness to through my PR Photography that I thought would highlight the hardworking residents and the supportive organisations that keep us ticking over.