Sports photography is always a satisfying challenge and in order to be professional, it’s necessary to be thoroughly familiar with the rules of the sport being covered. Thanks to many years of experience in sports photography I am very familiar with most games and sports, especially those that I regularly cover.

I have learned over some 30 years of photography how players tend to react to various situations and I am not caught out be seemingly unexpected moments – after all, it’s precisely these moments that might make for a great photograph. The configuration of players on a pitch or field will also provide great photographic moments, and I am ready for them.

Great technical expertise is also called for and I have gained mastery of the various cameras and their settings in my time as a photographer. I am adept at moving fast and choosing the right settings and making sure that I am in the right spot to get all the right pictures.

A good sports photographer Wrexham must have all the above skills at his or her fingertips in order to get efficient and memorable coverage of each event. One thing that stands out about photographing sports events is that no part of them can ever be repeated – if you miss the shot, it cannot be re-staged. As a sports photographer Wrexham, it’s essential to be professional and to have a lightning-fast reaction to what’s happening.

I am also used to covering sports that are held in very different conditions. Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, I will be able to vividly portray the proceedings. No matter how sterile-looking the interior of a sports hall may be, I will be able to bring out its good qualities and portray it so that it doesn’t detract from the event itself.

And, naturally, for any outdoor event, I am used to the vagaries of the weather and will be able to get the best out of lighting, whether bright sunshine or the drabbest of winter afternoons. This is all part of a shoot for me.

Sports photography isn’t of course just about action during games and events. Often I am called on to produce portrait photographs of players and athletes, so I need to be able to get them to relax and capture the passion that each will have.

Sometimes the portrait locations are decided in advance, but often I get to choose the physical location that will form the backdrop to the player’s or athlete’s photograph – a good backdrop will add interest and show my subject in his or her sporting environment.

I have to say that for young people, who are just starting out on their sporting journey – whether that’s going to become a career or not – being chosen as the subject of a photograph is one of the best ways ever to encourage them in the challenging, competitive world of today’s sports. Nothing sends out a greater message that their captain, manager or coach believes in them than to have a photographer take some great individual shots of them.

People skills are so needed when it comes to sports photography; I always have a feeling of empathy for the players and athletes, and I am able to gain their trust and co-operation in taking shots.

Much of my work is done away from the event; once everyone has gone home, the photographs will need to be intensively worked on to get the best out of them. I am adept at selecting the best shots out of thousands and then enhancing them so that they stand out even more. If a photographer’s speed and agility are called upon at the event itself, then their patience and know-how are called upon during the crucial hours of editing. Only with a lot of love and care will the photographs be truly professional.

Sports media is very fast-moving and I need to have my photographs all ready by the deadline – or before. If you are looking for a sports photographer Wrexham, then I guarantee that the work will be ready when promised.

In Wrexham and the surrounding areas, there are quite a few popular sports to be covered and these include rugby, cricket, football and then of course athletics of various kinds. Each of these has its many followers and clubs are well-known further afield; think of Wrexham AFC or Wrexham Rugby Club, for example. There’s a lot going on, and more is only to be expected as time goes on. Much of what is happening already benefits from professional sports photography, which in turn brings in new supporters, new players and generally new interest in Wrexham’s games and sports scene.

If you would like to have an informal discussion how I can cover your sporting requirements, please get in touch with me, Paul Currie, and we can look at promoting your events. I can help you gain traction on social media and generally boost the public’s knowledge of your club, matches or events.