Having been a Sports Photographer Blackpool and the North-West, I have photographed many different sports, at many different events and in many different styles.

The sporting heritage of the North-West and Blackpool is massive. We have some of the world’s best sports teams in this region and it is a pleasure to be a sports photographer here. Being able to watch the most accomplished sports men and women in the world whilst working is fantastic.

I have spent the last 3 decades honing the art of sports photography, many nights sat on the side lines of matches waiting for some action to capture. It is a bit easier now, in the modern age, with digital SLRs and massive memory cards. Taking shots on film meant you had to limit your shots and be more aware of how many shots you had left on the film. Now we, as sports photographers, can just snap away, you never know where and when you may capture the shot of the night.

I regularly travel to sporting events around the North-west, the rest of the UK and sometimes, if I’m very lucky, travelling to Europe to watch and work at European football club’s grounds such as Camp Nou in Barcelona. This is one of the best parts of my job, I very much enjoy travelling to different places, meeting other Sports Photographers and the general public in these areas.

As well as standard sports photography, I am also lucky enough to do PR photography for numerous different sporting organisations, events with sports people and sporting charities. There are loads of different things you can do as a Sports Photographer Blackpool, if you are thinking of becoming a professional photographer and you love sports, then you do not have to be pigeon holed into one area, there is a lot of scope to do different things within this sector.

If you required a Sports Photographer in the North-west or Blackpool, please do get in contact via social media, phone or on the website through the contact page.