Ever since Paul Currie was a young teenager, he has wanted to be a sports photographer Warrington, now a member of the Football Press Association, he has been working in the industry for the last 3 decades.

From the terraces of the mighty Bolton Wonderers, he saw the photographers sitting, lined up behind the goals and knew that that was the job he wanted to do. A Bolton Wonderers game was where he started in fact.

Paul Currie has taken photographs of some of the worlds most elite sports people over the course of his career, as both a sports lover and a passionate photographer, combining his two passions into a career means that its hardly like working at all. Well, maybe not, but you know what they say about finding a job you love doing and never working a day in your life.

Unfortunately, it is not all glitz and glamour, but you must look on the positive side of it. Travelling around the world, being a sports photographer Warrington means that you get to watch some fantastic games and be up close and personal with many of these sports stars.

Raheem Sterling is Paul Currie Photography’s favourite footballer to work with, he is a down to earth lad, and nothing is too much trouble, last shoot that they did together, Raheem sat and edited the whole thing with Paul Currie.

It is not just football that Paul Currie Photography works on, all sports over the years have had a lens trained on it at one point or another, people running marathons, rugby teams, cycling, over the last 30 odd years, Paul has captured brilliant images of them all.

A Warrington Wolves vs Wigan, for the Super League was one game covered, Wigan lost quite badly, and a great shot of a Storm Trooper from Star Wars wearing a mask was captured. These are just a snapshot of the scenes you see on a regular basis as a Sport Photographer Warrington. You must keep your wits about you as a sports photographer, as the game doesn’t wait for you to setup or if you are not ready, you can’t ever go back and take the shot again.

If you are looking for a Sports Photographer Warrington or anywhere in the North-west region of the country, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Currie Photography, as you will see from the portfolio, he has truly captured some fantastic shots over the years