What a strange year for PR photography, there have been an extremely limited number of Photo shoots to do because of the global pandemic we find ourselves in. What with lockdowns and social distancing and social bubbles etc being enforced, no industry has been left unscathed. The professional photography industry is one that has been quite badly hit as most photographers are freelance and self-employed, which in normal times, being your own boss is fantastic but when there is little to no work becomes extremely hard. All styles of photography have been shut down, no wedding photography, no portrait work, the fashion industry has slowed down massively, and sporting events were not happening for many months. Thankfully for my industry some things are slowly opening back up; Sports are being played, albeit without crowds watching in person and things such as architectural photography is being allowed again as places are being re-opened.

Businesses being partially open or completely shut means that PR has mostly been put on the back burner, especially for small to medium businesses in an effort to conserve reserves and not overstretch themselves in a business sense. So, I thought as this is the year for supporting local and small businesses who are the retailers struggling the most, therefore revisiting this PR Photography Liverpool shoot was what I thought would be a slight boost.

CholBo is a jewellery brand based on the freedom of global travel and spirit of adventure, based in Chester, its beginnings where from the founder Chloe Moss’ kitchen table. All the jewellery CholBo produces is made here, in the UK, by hand.

CholBo is a great story of a female entrepreneur who has worked their way up, starting from scratch at home to now selling jewellery in 170 shops. It is wonderful to hear that starting a business from just an idea can work out so well with a lot of passion and a lot of hard work. I am pleased to be an exceedingly small part of this journey by taking some PR Photographs so early on.

Stay safe everyone!