It has been a very strange time for PR Photography over the last two years, it has been very slow as there have been only a few photo shoots because of all the restrictions from COVID. With social distancing, lockdown, and social bubbles, meeting other people, sometimes in close contact with them, as you are with a photo shoot, means that work has been somewhat limited and there has been nothing which has carried on as normal.

The photography industry has been hit especially hard, a lot of photographers are freelancers and are self-employed which means that there has not been too much help. Pretty much every style of photography has taken a hit, weddings have not been happening, the fashion industry as a whole has slowed right down and sporting events were not happening too often. Thankfully, this has started to change and there is more and more opening up, more businesses are coming back to work at full pace, which is great for PR Photographers Warrington as it means there is a lot of work around.

During COVID, people and businesses where very uncertain of their spending habits on PR photos, particularly small and medium businesses who, by way of shutting this line of promotion down or scaling it back meant they would save themselves some cash reserves.

PR photography is a fantastic way to get people to engage with your business or product, or even you as a person. PR photography covers a lot of bases, from general shots of a business and their products to a story board of an event or person. With the rise in social media, you can get into people’s phones and homes like never before, the images are literally for all to see, should that be the case. You never know where some good PR photography could lead to. Now that social media has made the world a very small place, someone from across the globe could engage with your business or product, this is on a scale never seen before in the history of the world. You never know, you may end up big in Japan or a cult hit in Germany!

If you are in two minds on whether you need a PR Photographer Warrington, please do not hesitate to reach out to Paul Currie Photography, with a wealth of experience, the images taken may just propel your business to new heights.